Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still not quite a new year

Today has been another slow day around the house.  The constant snow outside is making it difficult to leave to get anything done.  Resting all day yesterday seems to have somehow left us all even more tired and lazy.  The girls put in one of their favorite DVDs... Mama Mia... and the boys were too lazy to go out into the snow to play football and ended up watching it too.  I'm slightly afraid of what permanent damage all the Meryl Streep chick flicks might do to them... lol! 

My weekends are usually spent a couple states away with the love of my life, but this weekend the combination of the holiday and the constant snow has made it impossible to go.... which is not improving my mood at all.  I've never liked winter, and not being able to make the drive because of weather makes me dislike it even more.  I suppose I should take advantage of the opportunity to get some things done around the house, but I can't seem to find the motivation.

So, maybe by posting some of the things I need to get done here I'll feel more pressure to actually do them... here goes...

I need to do a ton of laundry, do the weekly cleaning of my room and bathroom, scan 2 albums of photos my mom lent me so I can get the albums back to her, make a ton of scrapbook pages I promised someone I would finish a long time ago, catch up on organizing my finances, get through a mountain of paperwork and once that's all done... I need to clean and reorganize the entire rest of my house.  Hmmm... that doesn't sound so bad now, does it?  Can you hear the sarcasm oozing out my pores as I type that?!?!  Well, enough hiding behind the computer screen for today.  I'm going to at least get something done so I can feel a small sense of accomplishment when I fall asleep tonight.  Perhaps I might even tackle 2 things once I get started... hmmm... maybe this won't end up being such a lazy day after all?!?!

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