Thursday, January 7, 2010

What's for dinner?

Ok... this is a common question in most households.  With all the snow, the answer in our house tonight was whatever can be delivered.  No one was in the mood for pizza though, so we opted for Chinese.  I used to have a binder with all the local restaurant menus for just this occasion, but it is nowhere to be found at the moment.  So I resorted to hitting the internet.  I actually order online when we get Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza, but Chinese food is apparently a lot more difficult to order.  I am really good at internet searches, and yet I still could not even come up with the phone number for the restaurant I wanted to order from... perhaps they've closed recently.  I did find my backup restaurant, but they dont have a website and there is no menu online.  I was told when I called the restaurant that the menu was available in the yellow pages.  I don't keep my yellow pages anymore.  They take up way too much room and I hardly ever use them.  Why wasn't the menu available online?   It was frustrating.  I think I need to create somewhere that people can post local menus so this doesn't happen again!  And so the lightbulb begins to glow... ah ha... a new project!  Don't know how it would be profitable, but it's a service that people like me and my family would definately use.  So now I've just got to figure out how to create it and make it work the way I want it to.... hmmm.... sounds like a few more late nights are coming up.  Wish me luck, and comment with any advice you may have for me on my new project.  Hopefully this one will prove to be easier than anticipated like creating the Facebook group was.  Well, for now I'm going to distract my brain with a movie... I tend to formulate ideas better that way and The Ugly Truth seems like it won't require too much brain usage and should leave plenty of cells left ot focus on my project. :)

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