Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well... I rung in the New Year in much the same way as most of you... surrounded by friends and family.  It was a fun, relaxing evening.  However, now the new year has officially begun.  I've started 2010... a new year and new decade with no job, burning through a lot of my savings during my period of unemployment, living in an area I don't want to be in anymore, and somewhat frustrated by life in general.  So where do I focus my energy in 2010 and what do I save for the remainder of the decade?  Life tends to be focused mostly around the people, places, and work involved in it, so this will be my main focus.  I will be looking for a job, but not just any job.  This year I will be focusing on a job that can be done from home or that I can take with me when I move.  The next step will be moving.  I will be working on getting the house ready to be put on the market this spring and hopefully a sale by summer.  I know that may seem ambitious in this slowly recovering economy, but that is the goal... to be out of here before the end of the year.  And finally, the finances have got to get back in order... time to plug u the leaks, get things paid off, and start fresh.  Those are the main not-so-personal goals for 2010.  These aren't new year's resolutions like many people make... they are small mini-goals that fit into the puzzle of larger goals I have begun working on for the next decade.  It makes it much easier to accomplish these when they are part of a larger life plan and not just stand-alone things that I could easily give up on.  In order to be where I want to be in life in 2020, I need to make sure these things happen in 2010... then built upon by more in 2011, and so on.

For those of you who do make resolutions for the new year... keep strong, and try to incorporate them into a larger life plan.  I wish you the best of luck with everything you hope to accomplish.  The top 3 resolutions are said to be losing weight, quitting smoking and making more money.  Here are a couple really good tools to help with that for those who could use a little assistance... Paul McKenna is a well respected hypnotherapist who has had a positive effect on millions of people's lives.  Hopefully he can help you with your resolutions in 2010!

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